Looking back at the 19th Vintner’s Surf Classic that took place on Friday, 10th August in Stilbaai.
Author: SPIKE
“For 19 years, winemakers have run the Vintners Surf Classic, with last Friday’s epic edition at Stilbaai signalling a bold plan to raise R1million for a cancer treatment charity,” writes SPIKE on www.wavescape.co.za.
“While it wasn’t quite the thumping 12 foot carnage of last year, it was a bumper turnout of 67 surfers from all walks of the wine industry who enjoyed a classic winter’s day, and the usual wine barrel bonhomie, interlaced with bouts of surfing in clean 3-4′ lines pushing down the point, with some five footers on the outside as the surf improved with the pushing tide.
The weather wasn’t great, with heavy squalls in the morning washing over the mud-spattered, white double cabs lining the car park, but the weather cleared in the afternoon in time for wine tasting, beer drinking and the normal root stock banter. More importantly, the wind stayed offshore the whole day.
And what about the world-class waves the next morning at a fishy surf spot: 6-8ft and gangbusters in an epic land breeze and walling low tide. About 20 frothing vintners boosted their odds of survival at the break, which normally lies fallow due to frequent flyer fears of visits by Sir Fin and Mr Torpedo.”

Read the rest of SPIKE’s blog here – he ends off with these words of thanks: “And then especially to all the local Stillbaai surfers for allowing us to host this contest on their breaks. R5,280 has been donated by the contestants towards improving and maintaining the facilities at the breaks.
Thank you to the Vintners Surf Classic for choosing Stilbaai and Jongensfontein for your annual surf competition.
See you all again next year for the 20th Vintner’s Surf Classic !!

MOTLEY CREW: The surfing winemakers pose for a pic after the finals. Photo: Nice Touch Media