27 Nov 2015 – ‘NO REMINDER NEEDED’ – it is almost holiday time!
Holidays might mean a time to relax for many, but it is the busiest time of the year in Stilbaai and as most of the annual holidaymakers will visit this tranquil little seaside village, we would like to highlight a few ‘new’ things to look out for.
As one turns off the N2 on the R305 towards Stilbaai – yes, most will again stop to take a ‘selfie’ or to have their photo taken at the little boat (please do not damage it and keep that area clean) – visitors will notice the little monument after about three kilometres on the right hand side. There is no real parking at the Ox Wagn (wagon) / Ossewa sign, so we will tell you that this memorial has been built for a Riversdal farmer, Dawid Antjie van Rensburg, where he died on June 2nd, 1928 when his ox wagon rode over him when he fell off the wagon.
On a lighter note, one notices a bright new name: ‘Vrek Leke Slaghuis’ just past the Droëvlakte General Dealer (another interesting farm stall) on the left. You can now also fill up with diesel or petrol here.
By now the kids will be scanning the horizon in an effort to see who sees Stilbaai first and the lovely Goukou River on the right welcomes you already. Be careful at the busy turn-off to Melkhoutfontein and keep to the speed limit, please.
Notice the new sign boards at the 3-way STOP as you wish the bridge ‘happy birthday’ for its 60th in August this year! Yes, without this bridge, holidays in Stilbaai used to be totally different…
If you continue straight (to Stilbaai East), have a look at the new additions to the ‘Tuin-Op-Die-Brak‘ and make sure to pay this special garden a visit during your holiday to have a proper look at all the changes. On the eastern side of Stilbaai you have to check out the progress at the private hospital and pay at least one visit to the new interesting shop, ‘Wees Net’ under the Lofts (update on this shop to follow soon).
Back over the bridge to the western side – quite a few new shops have opened its doors during the year while a few shops have moved.
In the Attie Nel building opposite the Engen garage, you will find a brand new clothing store on the first floor (Bohemian) with unique ladies clothes not to be found anywhere else (except one store in Johannesburg) while the cellphone shop (Ali Cell & Electronic) has also moved to this building.
Turning right into Voortrekker Street, a new restaurant (Secret Garden) is definitely worth a visit and is located between Four Seasons (pub and grill) and Maree Auto Spares who has opened a store in town (their workshop is still in the industrial area). The spares shop is located where Stil Fishing used to be (next to Verandah Gift Store) and the fishing shop has moved across the street to where Allegaartjie used to be. The bigger Allegaartjie, now with a restaurant, is next to Main Road West just before the Fynbos Centre on the right hand side.
The Cotton Fields Boutique (it used to be in the Duine Mall) is now situated next to the ‘new’ Allegaartjie while kids will be happy to know that the toy shop, ‘Speelgoedfabriek’ has opened in the Estuary Life Centre behind the Fynbos (SPAR) centre.
Still in Voortrekker Street and past the circle, the Blombos Pharmacy as well as Seeff Properties and Stilbaai Interiors are in a new ‘mall’ on the left while GG Sushi Bar (part of the pizza, hamburger and fish take-aways) is next to Vicom in the thatched building on the corner next to Stilbaai Kelders liquor store.
There is now also a take-away (Machika) in the Morgan Creek Building at the back of the Village Square while Paradiso (Restaurant) is further up Van Riebeeck Street (the same street in front of Machika) before turning right to the Post Office.
There are two new shops in the Fynbos (SPAR) Centre – Immergroen Plants and Gifts as well as the Biscuit Box – while more parking has been made available at the centre.
Look around while on your way to the harbour and you will notice many new (or refurbished) houses – and at the harbour, you will find a new eatery – CJ’s Take-Away.
Hope our summary can help you find your way around Stilbaai this December and keep an eye on www.mystilbaai.co.za for even more information and news!

Important Directions (Photo: Stilbaai Sakekamer)