Stilbaai angler, Raymond Bloem, had quite an unusual experience when he caught a beautiful St Joseph shark, also known as an Elephant Fish, that weighed about 3.5kg. He caught this fish in the Lappiesbaai surf using Agio baits chokka while fihsing for a kob. Stilbaai anglers are known for safely releasing what they catch and this St Joseph shark was also safely released. His experience was shared on Facebook by Stilbaai’s leading angling shop, Stil Fishing.

More information about the Elephant Fish:
The Elephant Fish, well known in South Africa as the St. Joseph Shark, is a strange saltwater fish species that belongs to the group Cartilaginous Fishes which include other sharks such as the Great White Shark and Ragged Tooth Shark. The St. Joseph Shark looks really strange as it has a digging proboscis on the front of its snout while the first dorsal fin has a large venemous spine in front of it. and is unlike any saltwater fish in the region. The St Joseph Shark (Elephant Fish), which grows to 120cm in total length, can be caught on a wide range of baits, from prawn to sardine. It eats sea urchins, bivalves, crustaceans, gastropods, worms and bony fish and its predators include seals and sharks.
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Stilbaai angler, Raymond Bloem, with his Elephant Fish, caught at Lappiesbaai beach (Stilbaai). Photo from Facebook