The whales are back in the Bay of the Sleeping Beauty!
Stilbaai is on the migratory whale route that has the higest gathering of whales in the world every year and the whales have already been spotted on a few occassions this year in Stilbaai. The Southern Right Whales visit annually between June and November to bear their calves. Watch them playing around from Lappiesbaai beach or the whale look-out point above the harbour.
Southern Right Whales are usually approximately 15m long, weigh about 50 to 60 tons and live to about 100 years. They are characterised by their gentle slowness, the lack of a dorsal fin and rought patches of skin called callosities on their heads. These wart-like growths are covered with whale lice and, as each whale has a unique callosity pattern, are often used to identify individual whales.

These drone footage of the whales in Stilbaai was taken on Thursday (13 July 2017) by Piet Jordaan with his Phantom 4 Pro drone about 820 metres from the lighthouse. (Click on the link to view the action and more beautiful photos.)