Yes, it is true that you can almost walk anywhere you’d want to be in Stilbaai and depending on where you stay, you might just have to make sure you are wearing the right shoes as it is possible that you are going to walk a little further. You can even walk from the west (Stilbaai West) over the bridge to the east if you want although this is recommended for those who are a little fitter – no, not necessarily younger! – or arrange for a lift back.
It is, however, necessary for your vehicle to be taken out for a ‘run’ as well. Why not take a nice drive to Botterkloof Resort?
Yes, it is (only) six kilometres from Stilbaai and the scenic drive include a view over the Goukou River before you get to the turn-off to the left.
We decided to try their breakfast early one Saturday morning just after some heavy rain the night before. They were there! Bright and ready to serve great coffee.
Sit outside at the Coffee Shop under the umbrellas or inside where a nice atmosphere welcomes you – you will enjoy a view over the farm and beautiful dams, no matter where you decide to sit. There is quite a wide variety of dishes and wines on their menu – we will have to go back!
It was a quiet morning with the reflection of the trees clearly visible in the dams where ducks swam around happily. We even encountered two very small lambs with their mothers when walking to the pretty chapel for wedding ceremonies with a view!
Have we mentioned that the various dams? OK, have we mentioned the quaint bridges over the dams? In my mind’s eye I just saw “wedding photos”…
We visited their farm stall – Stilbaai’s closest farm stall and one of three farm stalls on the R305 between the N2 and Stilbaai – where there is mouthwatering preserves and other goodies for sale.
There is a variety of accommodation – and a beautiful swimming pool – while it is a birders’ paradise! They also host regular bass fishing competitions and olive tastings and various other functions.
We will definitely go back to experience more of Botterkloof Resort!

Ps. The ‘history’ of Botterkloof is quite an interesting story: It’s been said that early in the 18th century, a Stilbaai farmer was traveling to the market with his ox-wagon loaded with butter vats. The wagon apparently tripped over in a valley about 6km from Stilbaai and butter spilled everywhere – and from that mishap, the name Botterkloof! (From