Fact: The water in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein is brackish (‘brakwater’ in Afrikaans) and although some are used to the water, many residents and visitors prefer to use either rain water (if you have a rain water tank) or to buy water.
Crystal Stream has been specialising in the process of Reverse Osmosis (water purification technology to clean the water) for almost a decade in Stilbaai and is now conveniently situated in the Indraf Centre next to the OK Grocer (you can also refill from inside the OK) just off Main Road West from where you can refill your containers. They even do same-day deliveries and you can get your water delivered to your doorstep!
Owner Riaan Moag is a Water Technician and has many years’ experience of working with Stilbaai’s water. He also installs domestic and industrial purifying systems including pressure pumps for water tanks while he also services, maintains and repair water purification systems.
Crystal Stream offers even more products and services:

  • Water refill (R1.10/litre)
  • Bottled water including sparkling water
  • Ice
  • Water dispensers
  • Filters for water purifiers, water softners and outside systems
  • Installation and maintenance of purifiers

But wait, there is more! At Crystal Stream you can now also buy ‘Honey On Tap’ with a choice of three flavors: blue gum (tree); lucern and blue gum mix or Fynbos.
Get your top quality water from the friendly family at Crystal Stream!
Contact Riaan Moag at 082 702 7669 / (028) 754 1474
Visit them on Facebook – Crystal Stream on Facebook / send e-mail to