Preekstoel (a ‘Preaching Pulpit’ in English) is a rock formation on the beach section now known as Preekstoel Beach on the far eastern side of Stilbaai. The current ‘Preekstoel’ looked somewhat different a few decades ago as storms and deterioration have resulted in pieces breaking off. One of these pieces can be seen in front of the Post Office in town.
Preekstoel Beach is a Blue Flag beach and is in a Marine Protected Area. To the right of Preekstoel (looking towards Stilbaai) the white beach and dunes stretch all the way to where the Goukou River and the ocean meet (this section is known as the Lappiesbaai Hiking Route) and to the left, there are the most beautiful yellow rock formations.
This section forms part of the Geelkrans Hiking Trail and one can choose to end the hike here (there is some parking available at the entrance to the Geelkrans Nature Reserve that is quite close to the entrance to the beach with the Preekstoel rock only a few metres from the dunes.
One can follow the beach section to the left (away from Stilbaai) past the yellow sand cliffs for more breathtaking scenic views. It is however advised to walk during low tide as the water reaches all the way to the dunes at times.
How to get there: Follow Main Road East to the signboard Preekstoel (to the left). Follow Preekstoel Road to where it ends.