Yes, winter has its beauty, especially here in the Southern Cape where it is green with the aloes blooming and the yellow canola fields adding to the colour.
When one realises it, we just have to take our hands out of the warm pockets, brace the cold take a photo!
Like Yolandé Kok did this morning on her way to Die Speelgoedfabriek, Stilbaai’s own, dedicated toy store!
The jetty at the Goukou River and the upcoming sun made for a special photo…
Having a look at the weather – blue skies and almost no wind with a maximum of 15°C for today. It looks like we can expect a nice (warmer) weekend with temperatures of 20°C tomorrow (Friday) and 19°C for Saturday while Sunday (24°C) and Monday (26°C) will be even warmer – before a cold (17°C) on Tuesday…
No rain for the next week is being predicted.
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HAPPENINGS: Have a look at the EVENTS section to see what is happening this week. It is still holiday for most schools and we hope the visitors are enjoying a great winter break in Stilbaai!


Thursday (7 July) - the jetty at the Goukou River (Photo by Yolandé Kok)

Thursday morning (7 July): The jetty at the Goukou River                (Photo by Yolandé Kok)