Stilbaai is privileged to have a professional NLP coach (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – Elsa Cronje, owner of Take a Leap Coaching. Individuals, couples, teenagers as well as businesses and teachers gain from her wide range of programs.
TRANSFORMING LIVES – This is what they say:
“I used to be insecure in myself, lost in life and accepting every curve ball life throws at me as my lot but, now I am self-assured with the Holy Spirit as my anchor, I take responsibility for my thoughts – taking life’s curve balls and changing it for my benefit.” Duncan Greene
“Elsa helped me open my cage, spread my wings and fly.” Albert Richter.
“It has helped me listen to my inner voice and channel my deepest motivation.” Ruben Niemann
Are you living your life’s potential?
Are you getting what you deserve out of life?
Are you truly happy?
Take a Leap Coaching focuses on finding what blocks / withholds / keeps you from being that eagle, soaring high, solve it and teach you to maintain a healthy, joyful, free life. They are all about helping you to find your wings and then teaching you to fly!

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