The Stilbaai Angling Club hosted the 25th Galjoen Derby this past weekend and it received praises as yet another extremely well organised and successful event. The weather played along and despite overcast conditions and some light drizzle, a total of 193 galjoen (black bream) were caught of which 192 were safely released again. Between the 68 teams (just over 400 anglers), approximately 600 fish of all species were caught and only two were kept!
The winning galjoen measured 53.6cm while the biggest musselcracker weighed 7.8kg!
Well done to Team Kinky Goblins who won the competition followed by Team Anysberg Biltong.
The Stilbaai Angling Club is known for ‘catch and release’ and they hope to inspire other organisations and anglers to do the same (catching and safe releasing of fish) to protect the fish stock for the future.
Tight Lines Magazine’s Chris Nolan attended the event for the first time this year and commented afterwards on Facebook: “Ongetwyfeld die beste kushengeltoernooi in die land.” (Without a doubt the best coastal angling tournament in the country.)
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See you again next year!