“Come look here,” said Antoinette Lourens, one of the organisers of the Stilbaai Motor Show, and took us to the immaculate green 1979 Chevrolet Rekord where she opened the rear passenger door. Two ‘kids’ are standing on the back seat and are looking through the rear window. Of course they are not real kids, but props that look just like the real thing and they are the pride of Stilbaai resident, Johan Beetge, who is only the second owner of this car that is still original the way it has left the factory 37 years ago – even the carpet in the boot is still in perfect condition as the previous owner has never put anything on it!
This Chevvy was one of the cars on show at Stilbaai’s own motor show organised by Lourens together with another resident, Tol van Wyk, who had a few vehicles on show including a Jeep and a yellow 1978 Ford Escort panel van that is sold and on its way to the UK.
Other interesting cars on show was a 1968 original Ford 20M 2300S (yes, with the louvres in the rear window), a 1967 Ford Anglia Delux, a 1964 Ford Cortina GT, a beautiful 1958 Morris Minor bakkie, a Saab 93B in perfect condition, a 1972 Mini and a few interesting beach buggies as well as motorcycles.
We are looking forward to see more of these car shows in Stilbaai in the future.