The hiking trails through the Skulpiesbaai Nature Reserve, only a few metres away from the beach and the ocean, take hikers – or trail-runners – through a ‘forest’ of age old milkwood trees that has been formed in all shapes and sizes over the years. The trail is neat and relatively easy to do – just mind the heads for low hanging branches and be careful of the roots.

You can enter or exit the hiking trail(s) either from:

  • the gravel parking lot at Skulpiesbaai’s fish traps,
  • or a few smaller entrances from the gravel road leading to the parking lot,
  • or from the beach between Morris Point and the Skulpiesbaai parking area,
  • or from the ‘main’ entrance / exit close to the bathrooms on the gravel road between the harbour and Morris Point,
  • or from opposite the Whale Look-out Point above the harbour.

You can not get lost and if you take a different route than planned, you might just end up at one of the other exits. Experience the breathtaking scenery on-route as well over the vast ocean and beautiful beach.
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