2 Oct 2015 – It is not only Friday and the start of the weekend today, but it is the beginning of a (short) holiday for some and we would like to welcome all the visitors to Stilbaai!
It looks like the weather will play along and you can enjoy warmer weather during the weekend (according to the weather buro), especially on Sunday. There are quite a few things happening in Stilbaai this weekend. The Jagersbosch Buitekombuis will be selling lots to eat and drink tomorrow (Saturday) between 9:00 and 12:00 at Die Waenhuis and Sea-Vu-Play Boat Adventures will be taking people on a joy ride from the harbour (083 337 9699 for more information).
Then there is of course LOTS of things to do! Visit the Stilbaai Information services to find out more.
Various eateries are running specials for the Rugby World Cup and we are wishing the Springboks luck for their game on Saturday!
Have a look at the list of Activities and Events for more information.