Stilbaai has many talented artists creating a variety of art – from paintings, sculptures, pottery and photography to jewellery, leather, the art to upcycle, stoneware and glass. The December holiday season is the perfect time to visit the various art exhibitions as well as the art in the shops and stores in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein and acquire a unique piece of (local) art.


  • Art work by Sonja Margerison at Mamma Mia (Fynbos Centre)

Sonja Margerison (photo from Facebook)

  • Wood ‘n Stuff (Osler Place, Stilbaai East) – paintings by Paula Kruger

Paula Kruger

  • Louis Hiemstra, Alison van Zijl and other artists are exhibiting in the kiosk at Tuin-op-die-Brak (just off Main Road East) until 4th January 2017.

Tuin-op-die-Brak kiosk

  • Pop-up Art at The Artroom in Koof Industrial (next to Stilbaai Slaghuis) with artists Nadine Hansen, Erika Prinsloo, Suné Moolman, Rhona van Heerden, Ernest van Huyssteen, Elisma Grundling, Trixie Krumm and Dayay Heyller, Trouver Jewellery and Amalgamation
  • Brenda Thomas and Suzelle Mouchtouris are exhibiting at the Palinggat Resort Hall on 29 and 30 December

  • The Cottage Gallery on the Jongensfontein road is open between 10am and 4pm Wednesday to Saturday where the art of Marian Smith is on display. Viewing can be arranged. Phone 076 834 3213.
  • Beth Lowe Exhibition daily at 1 Patrys Avenue (until 15 January 2017)
  • Art by Jenny Book and other artists at Southern Comfort (10 Gousblom Avenue, Stilbaai West)

Southern Comfort (photo from Facebook)


  • Visit the Tourism Bureau (Langenhoven Street, stilbaai West) for information about the Art Route in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein. Appointments can be made with artists to view and acquire their art.
  • Contact the Stilbaai Art Retreat where you can ‘paint on a canvas, print on paper, make jewellery, paint a frame, look inside your heart, dance on the sand, meet the locals, enjoy fabulous food and have fun while learning new creative ways to express your art’ – Stilbaai Art Retreat (Facebook).
  • Let the kids do some art at Kuns Pret Stilbaai! Monday to Friday until 6th January 2017.
  • Visit for more information about various artists and galleries in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein

…The annual Arts and Crafts Fair at the Community Hall – it will be back in December 2017! – and the Trixie Krumm / Ria Holliday exhibition in Jongensfontein. Make sure not to miss it in 2017!

Look out for the Arts and Crafts Fair in 2017!

You will be amazed by the art you will find in Stilbaai. Just look around in the shops and stores and even in grandma’s beach house… Support the talented local artists.

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