‘Nurdles’ are small plastic balls used to produce plastic ware and 40 tonnes of these small round ‘balls’ were spilled from a container in the Durban harbour and have now also reached our beaches!
Marine animals see it as food and die an unnatural and untimely death because their digestive systems can not digest it.
If and when you see it on the beaches, please contact Miranda Panda (Tel: 071 234 9114) and let her know where you’ve seen it and how bad the situation is.
Stilbaai’s ‘neighbours’, Gouritsmond, is quite badly affected. The local coffee shop, Koffie Stories, is offering a Sunday meal for every 500ml bottle filled with ‘nurdles’ and brought in. According to the Facebook page of S.M.A.R.T. (Stranded Marine Animal Rescue Team) Mossel Bay, one should not dispose of these ‘nurdles’, but rather get it to a drop-off point where the Department of Environmental Affairs will collect it. There is no collection point at Stilbaai yet, but it can be dropped off at Koffie Stories in Gouritsmond. For more information, send a WhatsApp to 072 227 4715.
More about the nurdles found at Gouritsmond HERE (Suid-Kaap Forum)