Stilbaai has quite a unique layout as the Goukou River runs through the town on its way to the Indian Ocean and it splits the ‘Bay of the Sleeping Beauty’ in an eastern and western side. There are two Main Roads and while most businesses are in Stilbaai West, the industrial area (Kloof Industrial) is situated in the East as well as Agri Land and quite a few interesting shops. The main beach (Lappiesbaai) as well as Preekstoel beach (both are Blue Flag beaches) and the ‘Preekstoel’ rock formation (a unique rock formation in the sea that looked like a preacher’s pulpit) are also on the eastern side and attract thousands of beach-goers on a daily basis during the December summer holiday. The beautiful white beach stretch for kilometres and one can walk from the river mouth all the way past Preekstoel (about 3.5kms).
‘The East’ has other attractions as well – Stilbaai’s two camping terrains (Ellensrus and Preekstoel) are situated here as well as two restaurants (Lappiesbaai Restaurant and On the Rocks Steakhouse) and two Nature Reserves (the Pauline Bohnen Nature Reserve and the Geelkrans Nature Reserve) while the Tuin-op-die-Brak botanical fynbos park just off Main Road East is also a major attraction. Then there is the airfield; a private hospital (still in progress) and new residential developments as well as various weekend and holiday accommodation. Yes, the ‘East’ might be a little more quiet than the ‘West’ during the year, but it makes up for it during the holidays when it is packed with visitors and events like the annual Touchies (touch rugby); the Trans Agulhas and just everyday holidaying…
About a year ago, Annatjie Louw opened the doors to her quaint little upcycle and recycle shop, ‘Te Wees‘ in the building at the entrance to the Ellensrus caravan park and interesting displays draw one to have a look inside. Towards the end of last year, Stilbaai East welcomed another ‘new’ business – Wood ‘n Stuff.
Specialising in decor, rustic furniture and art, Wood ‘n Stuff is situated in Osler Street opposite Tuin-op-die-Brak. For the owners, Thea Bartman and artist Paula Kruger, a visit to Wood ‘n Stuff must be an ‘experience’ in their showroom-type shop where a relaxed atmosphere welcomes you. Paula’s artwork is on display for sale here. Enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea and delicious cakes and treats in their coffee shop while the kids have fun in the playroom.
Wood ‘n Stuff is situated in 30 Osler Street and is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturdays till 1pm.

To do in Stilbaai East:

  • Visit Tuin-op-die-Brak botanical fynbos park
  • Take a hike through the Pauline Bohnen Nature Reserve (day hike)
  • Do the hike in the Geelkrans Nature Reserve (day hike)
  • Swim in the ocean, relax or walk on the beach
  • Walk from Lappiesbaai (main beach) to Preekstoel
  • Experience the yellow sandstone rocks at Preekstoel beach 
  • Visit the Brug Market (market dates appear on the stalls at the market)
  • Eat at Lappiesbaai Restaurant and watch the wales play in the sea!
  • Drive to the lookout point in the Pauline Bohnen Reserve and experience the beauty of Stilbaai
  • Jog / cycle on the walkway next to the Goukou River (Main Road) to the bridge
  • Browse through the shops