At last! It is December and that means – it is holiday time for many.
It has been quite a tough year from Stilbaai and the area as fires reeked havoc again and many farm lands and fields were lost while the area did not receive the amount of rain it needs. This means that it is currently very dry and the Hessequa Municipality put water restrictions in place.
To top it all, Eskom has started with a load shedding program and this not only influence all the households, but also the businesses, big and small.
Please also adhere to the rules for fireworks. NO fireworks are allowed in Hessequa. Residents and visitors will still remember what happened on the first day of the 2018 and by just looking at the area across from the municipal offices, will serve as a reminder…
We have put together some handy information regarding all these issues. Both the website and Facebook page of the Hessequa Municipality are quite up to date and helpful – visit it to find more information.

Please adhere to these water restrictions from 10 Dec. to 10 Jan. for the whole of the Hessequa region.

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Find the Eskom Load Shedding schedule for December HERE. This information is also available on the Stilbaai App (download it for free on your mobile device) and information will be shared on Facebook.
If you would want information about power outages in Stilbaai, send a WhatsApp to  (072) 444-7325 to be added to this WhatsApp group.

Herewith information regarding fireworks.

  • NO fireworks are allowed in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein
  • NO Chinese lanterns!

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Find all the important telephone numbers as well as emergency numbers HERE (listed under Businesses – Emergency Numbers). These numbers are quick and easy to dial through the Stilbaai App on your mobile phone.
Visit and Like / Follow them on Facebook – Hessequa Municipality – for more information.
Enjoy the festive season!