Heritage Festival & Trail-runs

The Hessequa Heritage Festival is taking place for the 4th consecutive year in Stilbaai and this year it will be on Saturday, 26 September 2020.

The festival includes the following:
– The Hessequa Heritage Trail Run: a 16km Trail Run from Jongensfontein along the coast to Stilbaai
 The short and scenic 5km Mini Trail that also finishes at Stilbaai Tourism Bureau
Festivities at the Stilbaai Tourism Bureau where both trail runs will finish.


The Hessequa area and Stilbaai specifically has many interesting heritage and historical sites and there is no better way than to celebrate Heritage Day than to participate in the Hessequa Heritage Trail Run where you will pass a few very interesting places.
This 16km Trail Run starts in Jongensfontein (there are one-way shuttles from Stilbaai to Jongensfontein that depart from the Registration point at the Stilbaai Community Hall). This scenic coastal route takes participants along the beautiful coast line and past various historical places – like ancient fish traps at Skulpiesbaai; the shell middens (close by); the ‘Wafra’ tok (the fishing boat with a sad story – look out for it at the NSRI building at the harbour); various monuments as well as some of the oldest beach houses – along a marked route to Stilbaai where it finishes at the Stilbaai Tourism Bureau situated in the Palinggat Homestead that is also part of Stilbaai’s history.
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The Mini Trail is perfect for the not-so-fit or the not-so-brave and is 5km in distance. Runners and walkers start at Skulpiesbaai (the gravel parking area close to the fish traps) and follow the same scenic (marked) route of the 16km Trail Run to also finish at the Tourism Bureau. This route is beautiful and not too difficult although it includes something of everything and the fun at the finish, will be worth it!
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To continue the ‘heritage’ festivities, the Stilbaai ‘Brood- en beskuitfees’ takes place at the Tourism Bureau where both Trail Runs will finish. Here you will find great food and goodies for sale as well as various interesting stalls .
If you would like to apply for a stall / stand, please contact Annerise Wolmarans at the Stilbaai Tourism Bureau – Tel: (028) 754-2602 / E-mail: stilbaaiinfo@easycoms.co.za


The 2020 Hessequa Heritage Festival is made possible by:

Explorer’s Garden Route (Hessequa Municipality)

Thank you to supporting sponsors and partners: