Winter can be dreary and miserable, but not in Stilbaai! Bring on the much needed rain and even the wind and misty days as there are a lot of things happening that will make winter months some of the most enjoyable during the year.
Imagine this: walking down Voortrekker Street in Stilbaai dressed warmly and enjoying delicious hot food (soup, pancakes, curries and more) and drinks while visiting all the different stalls selling a variety of items like knives from upcycled materials, handmade jewellery and other crafts, lights, candles, toys and even fresh produce, pickled, preserves and jams and lots more. The sound of music and colourful Christmas lights fill the street and you can even visit the shops that will be open till late.
This will be the atmosphere at the annual Christmas in July night market in Voortrekker Street on Friday, 21 July, while various other activities are being planned for the Christmas in July week from 17 to 23 July in Stilbaai. The local Stilbaai singing sensation, Madré Hansen, who reached the top five of the Hessequa Got Talent Competition earlier this year, will perform live and Father Christmas will event visit – with something for the children! Shops and businesses will take out their decorations a bit earlier than usual to join in the fun and one can even expect to see a few ‘sales’, perfect to buy those gifts for the real Christmas time in December.
With the mid-year school holidays coming up, quite a few activities are being planned for July and visitors can look forward to be warmly welcomed to Stilbaai.

Make sure not to miss these events:
The Jagersbosch Winter Basaar (1 July) at the Community Hall and Die BrugMark (Main Road East) – for a typical ‘basaar’ and market with lots to buy, to eat and drink and ‘kuier’!
 King’s Kids Week for the kids in the Community Centre from 3 to 7 July.
A buzzing market at the Jagersbosch Buitekombuis on July 8th – with lots of homemade treats
Christmas in July from 17 to 22 July with the night market in Voortrekker Street on Friday, 21 July from 5pm onwards
Book a place for the Stilbaai Art Retreat that will take place from 21 – 23 July
Support the NSRI Station 31 on 22 July on their open day

Winter in Stilbaai does not mean you have to sit indoors with nothing to do. The restaurants, coffee shops and take-aways are running their winter menu’s while wine tastings, gin, olive and cheese tastings can be done. The beautiful, clear days are ideal for outdoor activities like long walks on the beaches, hiking, fishing and surfing, golf, running and cycling – or a visit to some of the town’s attractions and, of course, regular visits to the interesting shops. View the work of various artists in Stilbaai, pay a visit to the model train exhibition and visit the Tourism Bureau for lots of information.

Welcome to winter in Stilbaai! Have fun and enjoy your stay!