Looking to do some 4×4 driving while visiting the Stilbaai / Jongensfontein area?
Why not try the 4×4 Sand Route between Stilbaai and Jongensfontein at Eden Park!

This route consists of a scenic loop that is not too difficult, depending on the driver’s level of experience as well as the vehicle’s capabilities and a ‘Speelgat’ where various climbs out of the sandy ‘bowl’ not only test the skills of the drivers and the 4×4 performance of the vehicles, but it is great fun.
All you need is a 4×4 vehicle with Hi and Low Range and R150 per vehicle for the permit.
Remember to deflate the vehicle’s tyres to about 1Bar (or even less). There is a pump so that you can inflate the tyres again before leaving the farm.
Follow the route by following the arrows. Keep an eye out for tortoises, buck and other animals – we saw a few very interesting tracks… – and like always when doing 4×4: ‘Tread Lightly’.
How to get to Eden Park 4×4: About nine kilometres from Stilbaai (one kilometres before Jongensfontein) take the gravel road to the right (away from the ocean and Jongensfontein’s first houses) and follow the indicators for about two kilometres to Eden Park.
Buy the permit in the ‘self-help’ office and start the fun.
The Eden Park 4×4 Sand Route is an enjoyable experience for the whole family.
There is also a seasonal nine-hole golf course.
For more information, contact André at 072 155 4857