Have you seen this nice piece of art in Jongensfontein?
Yes, it is the wall of a house close to the beach!

jy's 'n real catch? #ideesvolvrees

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Go visit Jongensfontein and see what else is there to see and do:
– Do the Eden 4×4 Sand Route
– Play golf on a farm (at Eden Gholf Park)
– Do hiking trails
– Swim in the tidal pool
– Swim in the sea
– Surf – and various other water activities
– Fish
– Eat ice-cream – or eat at Drie Pikkewyne Restaurant
– Take long walks on the beach or follow the paths or walk in the streets
– Do sundowners – AND watch the sun come up!
– Tan in the sun
– Braai at the tidal pool
– Visit the Fonteinhuisie museum