The road stops here – at Jongensfontein, Stilbaai’s beautiful coastal neighbour where the permanent residents only need about a 100 post boxes…
It is, however, quite ‘something to do’ to take a drive to Jongensfontein (or take the bicycle) and enjoy an ice cream cone (served at both the supermarkets) or lunch at Drie Pikkewyne while watching the waves breaking; or take a slow drive through the ‘town’ and experience the view(s) AND architecture; or swim at the small beach area or the tidal pool; or surf; or fish; or take long walks on the beach etc.
A ‘must stop’ when in Jongensfontein, is the Fonteinhuisie (Fountain House in English) that was built in about 1940 from rocks from the sea.
In the Fonteinhuisie museum you’ll experience the interesting history of Jongensfontein and the anchor outside is from the SRI Rezeki which ran aground at Jonogensfontein on 6 April 1971.

The cement floor next to the building, is a popular get-together for youngsters who can enjoy the open air dance floor during December holidays.
Outside the building you can relax while the kids play on the swings and jungle gyms and to save the memories, you have to take your photo from behind the huge frame that shows the ocean and Jongensfontein in the background.
The Fonteinhuisie is not always open (open during the Dec season) – phone to find out how to schedule a visit or when it is open.
Tel nrs: 083 733 7828 / 082 630 0230 / 083 208 8626