The owner of ‘Take a Leap Coaching’, Elsa Cronje, believes in her passion – the well-being of people. She strives to inspire them and to help them to discover who they really are.
She runs her company, ‘Take a Leap Coaching’ from her office in Stilbaai from where she structures and implements various courses that will make a difference in peoples’ lives.
She specialises in ‘NLP Coaching’. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming that focuses on bringing people from all walks of life and ages to their full potential. NLP (a trail of techniques, methodology and a type of therapy that enables to remove unwanted habits, emotions, behaviours, thinking patterns etc.) is for those who want to take responsibility for their lives, change their thinking patterns and create the life they want. This includes businesses, teachers and professionals as well.
Elsa explains NLP: “We have been taught to ‘pack bags’ of all the negative things happening to us and all the things we experience. We then carry these ‘bags’ forever with us. Many struggle to carry these ‘bags’ and start to tie them together and dragging them behind while starting ‘to pack’ a new ‘bag’.
“NLP  ‘packs’ out all the ‘bags’ and equips people to never ever ‘pack a bag’ again. This leaves a person being able to live life freely, joyfully and healthy.”
What is NLP not?

It is not psychology, counseling or hypnosis.
The best way to find your own definition is to go through the prosess yourself.
Why does someone need NLP?
Many people walk around and think they are doing okay and this is as good as it gets never knowing that this is only a quarter of what they are capable of. Once their potential is known, there is absolutely nothing that can stand in their way as they travel their life’s journey.
Behaviour that we think is normal or usual because it is general (eg. forgetting things, regular highs and lows, feeling depressed, anger, fear, hopelessness, anxiety, etc) is actually a symptom of the unconscious mind being out of balance or trying to send a message.
Some people are present, but live in the future or in the past. NLP enables one to live in the present while being present and enjoying every day life to the fullest.
How can your business benefit from NLP?
NLP focuses on investing in employees leading your business to prosperity – a business is as good as their employees!
NLP focuses on investing in employees that in turn can assist with:
Staff turnover, Loyalty, Productivity, Motivation, Job satisfaction, Work environment and Spiritual growth (if desired).
“Leadership is communicating others’ worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves.” Stephen R Covey.
“I know and honestly believe that my NLP Coaching process will bring people exactly what they need and want. They only need to Take a Leap and do it. I am looking forward to meeting you,” says Elsa Cronje (NLP Practitioner, Take a Leap Coaching)

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