There can never be a dull moment when visiting Stilbaai. Just look at what went down today, the 1st of July.

So many cozy coffee shops and restaurants to visit – and do not forget all the interesting little shops! You will be surprised by what you will find here…

Gin tasting, wine tasting, local cheese and wine and/or craft beer tasting, olive tasting – a delight for the tastebuds!

Stilbaai is a popular surf spot while various other water sports are also beiing practised here. So, bring it on!

Saterdag uitstappie ? @casperbosman

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Explore Stilbaai and surroundings with your bicycle! There are so many safe routes and roads and you will see Stilbaai from a different view. Go ride!
Never be bored. Enjoy what nature has to offer and explore what else is available in and around town!