Thursday, 23 June 2016 – … and so the first photos of this winter’s frost appeared this morning and driving through town, the ‘white’ lawns were the proof of quite a chilly night in Stilbaai!
Looking at the photo by Karen Harding of Wild Olive Guest Farm outside Stilbaai nestled next to the Goukou River, it must’ve been really cold last night as the frost formed a white blanket on the area next to the river. This is quite a serene scene…
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The frost this morning at Wild Olive Guest Farm (Photo by Karen Harding via Instagram)

The frost this morning at Wild Olive Guest Farm (Photo by Karen Harding via Instagram)



It was great to see so many visitors this past weekend – a long weekend for some that included Father’s Day on Sunday (19 June) – in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein and vehicles with number plates from as far as the Cape, Gauteng and the North West Province were seen around. The fact that it is winter with temperatures already below 20°C, did not keep them off the beaches or out of the water and a few windless days and an abundance of sunshine made for a great (long) weekend.
One does not always have to be entertained to have fun and to just relax is also something to do here. There were ‘entertainment’ though, like typical platteland markets and shops as well as activities on the outlaying farms.
We found a few nice photos shared via Instagram and it just showed us again that our visitors – like the residents – like Stilbaai and Jongensfontein for the things they can do here and to relax. This weekend they surfed; took the dogs in a canoe on the Goukou River; did gin tasting at Inverroche Distillery and cheese and wine tasting at Kasselshoop Cheese; attended the Sheep Dog Competition; fished; played tennis and worked-out while enjoying the quietness at the Farm Story country house; visited the restaurants and of course enjoyed the spectacular sunrises and sunsets and long beach walks. There are many photos of happy people enjoying a great view – be it over the sea, the beach or even the sight of colourful aloes that are in bloom.
The schools are closing for the winter holidays this Friday (24 June) and we hope that our visitors will have a memorable time here in the bay of the Sleeping Beauty…
Keep an eye on the EVENTS section to see what is happening in and around town and wander over to ACTIVITIES for suggestions about things to do in Stilbaai. (Let us know if you know of anything not listed there.)
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Stilbaai’s Tuin-op-die-Brak Fynbos Park, situated in Stilbaai East adjacent to Main Road that runs parallel to the river, is on the ‘must visit’ list – not only for people who are interested in plants (especially local plants), but to any visitors as there is something for everyone. Make sure you have an hour or so on your hands as there are so many interesting plants and trees to see and various different sections to discover. Follow the (wheelchair-friendly) walkways to stroll through the garden and learn about the area’s plants.
This botanical garden – it recently won the award for the most innovative project in the Western Cape – with plants characteristic of the Hessequa environment,  is now eight years ‘old’ and has recently been handed over to the local municipality. There are 280 species of plants and 200 individual trees in the park including 11 endangered plants that are on the Red Data List.
Make sure not to miss the labyrinth (an age-old geometric pattern which is typically circular with a single path which meanders around in circles to the centre of the labyrinth and out again). This one is called ‘Essence of Chartres” and anyone can walk it… make the most of it and when you get to the middle, sit down and relax and enjoy nature!
There is also an analemmatic sundial that provides lots of fun. The Stilbaai one is a horisontal sundial installed flat on the ground where your shadow, when standing on the flat date line in the correct position, will be on the curved hour line and showing the time. Try it!
According to their brochures, the uniqueness of the park is due to the fynbos of the Hessequa region (including Stilbaai) that grows on alkaline soil as opposed to all other fynbos that grows in acidic soil. It is also interesting to note that according to recent archaeological research, the fynbos of this region aided the survival of modern humans (Homo sapiens) in an era when all of humanity was almost wiped out during an Ice Age.
The park as a whole is also specifically designed to provide a multi-sensory experience to benefit persons with disabilities – the ‘braille trail’ or ‘Touch and Smell Route’ is just perfect to experience the garden by following the rope where boards explain the plants.
There is also a man-made dune and wetland; sections showing the edible / inedible and medicinal plants and Tree of the Year section. Make sure you get to the big, old tree and have a look at its interesting trunk.
Read all the boards; learn about all the plants; sit on the benches; walk the Labyrinth; check the time; and enjoy the ‘Tuin-op-die-Brak’ experience.

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Look what we have found!
Some beautiful photos by the nature and lifestyle photographer, Nicole van der Walt, taken of the ‘dassies‘ at Jongensfontein.
Dassies are quite common in both Jongensfontein and Stilbaai and many of us have taken photos of them, but we thought these photos of a dassie ‘posing‘ on one of the benches, are quite ‘cute’…
The photographer has even captioned her photos with relevant information on Instagram!
“The rock hyrax also called the Cape hyrax and commonly referred to in South African English as the dassie.
Rock Hyraxes spend a lot of time sun-bathing. They spend about 95 percent of their time resting.”
Thank you for sharing, Nicole van der Walt Photography!

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(All photos by Nicole van der Walt)



Who would want to ‘hibernate’ in winter when there is so much to do in June in Stilbaai?!
The winter is not really here (yet) and we have had the most perfect days in Stilbaai. Visitors and locals are making the most of the beautiful sunny days and photos of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets are regularly floating over Facebook.
Let us have a look at some of the activities happening in Stilbaai this month:
The take-away restaurant, Mengelmoes Kardoes on the Dorpsplein is having an open day so that people can see and taste what their daily offerings are. We are convinced their signboards are perfect for ‘selfies’!
This Saturday (4 June), a visit to Jagersbosch Buitekombuis at Die Waenhuis is a ‘must’ for lots of home-made goodies including delicious treats while the Pikkewouter Potjiekos Competition and dance is taking place at the Community Hall. If you miss this ‘potjie’ day, make sure not to miss the Potjiekos Day on 25 June!
Botterkloof Resort is hosting a Meet & Greet Soup & Sjerry evening on Tuesday, 7 June. Booking is essential.
Next weekend (10 and 11 June), the carnival returns to Melkhoutfontein with the Winter Karnaval at the Sports Grounds. The kids will enjoy the train trucks, dodgems, tilt-a-whirl, swings, tornadoes and carousels while there will be stalls and a big screen for the men to watch the rugby. On Saturday (11 June) you can sell your car, boat, bike or whatever at the “Everything on Wheels and Water Fair” Buy and Sell behind the OK Grocer.
Thursday (16 June) is Youth Day and what better day for some activities for the youth! ‘Arise with Living Ball’ will be presented at the Melkhoutfontein Sport Grounds. On this day as well as on Thursday (23 June), you can join Take a Leap Coach, Elsa Cronje, for her ‘The Find Myself Series’.
Oh look, a nice long weekend AND Father’s Day on Sunday (19 June)! Yes, it is a school holiday on Friday (17 June) – thanks to Youth Day! – and a nice long weekend awaits! What better reason to visit Die Brug Mark on Saturday (18 June) – you might just find the perfect gift for dad and you will definitely find lots of tasty treat and goodies. You can even visit the market AND go to the Sheepdog Competition (Skaaphondkompetisie) that takes place on Saturday AND Sunday (19 June) about 1.5km on the Blombos Road. The dogs and their handlers will show their skill and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your camping chair under an umbrella. There will be refreshments for sale or you can take your own picnic basket, but do NOT miss this unique entertainment! Enquire at the restaurants about their special Father’s Day menus and take dad out for a treat…
Want to do some wine tasting? Then make sure you get your ticket for Stilbaai Kelders‘ Wine Tasting Evening on Thursday (23 June) at Lilliput Café.
With the schools closing on Friday (24 June), we can expect more visitors in Stilbaai. Arriving in Stilbaai on Friday or even during the day on Saturday, they can enjoy some Potjiekos while they can also pay a visit to the Fun Show at Black Star Horseriding School (25 and 26 June). How about some ‘food for the mind’… Elsa Cronje (Take A Leap Coaching) will be presenting the Winter Mind Rebuilt Retreat from 23 to 26 June.
Surfing, kite-surfing, fishing and walking on the beaches or exploring the various hiking trails are just some of the things one can still do in winter. Why not book for a Cheese and Wine Tasting at Kasselshoop Cheese and gin tasting at Inverroche Gin?
We are already looking forward to the cosy atmospheres and welcoming fires at the restaurants where ‘comfort’ food will be on the menus. Exercise is another way to stay warm. There is a wide variety of classes and fitness programs as well as dance classes and gymnasiums to stay warm and stay fit this winter.
Other regular activities include a visit to the Information and Tourism Centre where the fresh-water eels are being fed daily at 11:00 or visit Chris Benade’s Model Train Exhibition (arrange your visit with him). A visit to the Tuin-op-die-Brak is not only very interesting, but also informative and relaxing… Then there is gholf and mountain biking and even board games!
There are just SO many things to do in Stilbaai! Have a look at the wide range of ACTIVITIES we can also suggest.
Visit the EVENTS section for more information and contact detail about these events. Keep an eye on this section as we will update the events regularly.

Enjoy June!