The local newspaper, Suid-Kaap Forum, reported today (Thursday, 23 March 2017) that Blomboschfontein Nature Reserve has been declared as a Provincial Heritage Site so as to protect its archaeological value. The site includes the structures and unmarked graves as well as the nature characteristics with a cultural value and the archaeological areas in the reserve.
The Blombos Cave is situated next to the reserve and received Provincial Heritage status on 29 May 2015. “This heritage site contain important evidence of pre-historic life and with its declaration as a heritage site it will be preserved for future generations. The Blombos Cave is especially important as it contains archaeological evidence from the Middel Stone Age and bears testimony to a cultural tradition which no longer exist. Due to this Blombos Cave is not open to the public, but the Hessequa Archaeological Society manages a detailed exhibition on the cave at the Palinggat Homestead and forms part of the Archaeological Museum.” – Suid-Kaap Forum
Suid-Kaap Forum article: Blomboschfontein Nature Reserve now a Provincial Heritage Site

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