FOCUS: Amalgamation Jewellery Studio & Art Gallery
Stilbaai has some small businesses and shops that one will probably only find if you know where to look… or if you know about them…
Walk with us,, as we will feature some of these businesses.

The Amalgamation Jewellery Studio and Art Gallery is one such business and is probably one of the smallest ‘shops’ you’ll be able to visit in Stilbaai.
It belongs to Elizabeth Morell​, a trained goldsmith who uses her shop also as a ‘life’ workshop, a studio where clients can actually see how she works!
She designs and creates her own jewellery which is on display together with beautiful pieces of art by various Stilbaai artists.
She also repairs jewellery.
Go visit the Amalgamation Jewellery Studio and Art Gallery!
▪️ Type of business: Jewellery, art
▪️ Where: Van Riebeeck Street (opposite the doctors)
▪️ Hours: 9:00 – 16:00 (Mon. to Fri.) and till 13:00 on Saturday
▪️ Tel: 083 660 9384