The SuperMoon in Stilbaai makes for everyone to grab their cameras.
André van Schalkwyk has captured the moon in Stilbaai on various occasions with this special image taken on Monday, 3 July 2023.
Don’t let the cold winter days – and nights – keep you from getting out. Experience the beauty of Stilbaai and make memories!


We love to share awesome photos and #MyStilbaai really love this spectacular photo of a wave breaking at the rocks in Stilbaai.
Local photographer, Richard Webb, captured this image perfectly.Aquamarine


When you look at the colourful beach houses – from a different angle and at the right time and place…
Then the little town of Stilbaai can look like a big city!
Photo by Sandy Marwick


In the meantime – happening in the Stilbaai area:
27 January 2022: An amazing cloud formation as captured by local resident, Manfred Vietze.
This formation is apparently called Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds that are formed when two winds are blowing at different speeds.
According to a comment on his post, it is known as a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability or wave that are sometimes called billow clouds. It is now officially known as Fluctus by the WMO, as the original name was too difficult to pronounce, let alone remember!!
It is formed in exactly the same way that waves break on a beach. The upper air mass moves quicker than the base of the cloud, creating the breaking wave look.
Just as a water mass slows down at the base as it nears the shore and the top of the water mass continues on without slowing, and pulls up into a breaking wave.

January 2022 – Image by Manfred Vietze


Sandy Marwick, blogging on Instagram as westcoastwisperer, took this amazing photo of the Goukou River mouth during Spring Tide during the first week of December 2021. The little monument in the sea at the West Beach was open and the ancient fish traps can be seen quite clearly.

📷 Sandy Marwick


Local Stilbaai photographer, Richard Webb, regularly visit the harbour for photo opportunities. He was quite surprised when he looked at his photos and noticed the ‘dancing waves’ – can you see this ‘couple’ dancing?
View more of Richard Webb’s photos HERE.


The colourful beach houses are as popular for photos than the welcome sight of the little boat at the N2 turn-off to Stilbaai!
It was a rainy weekend iin Stilbaai, but that did not keep locals and visitors to still visit the beach while photographer, Mandy Laroo (Photography) made full use of the opportunity to take photos.
See more photos in this series HERE.
Visit to find out what is happening and what to do in Stilbaai!
📷 @mandy_laroo_photography “Those who teach the most about humanity aren’t always human.”



It is March and the “Candelabra Flowers” (Brunsvigia Orientalis – or ‘Koningskandelaar‘ in Afrikaans) are making their annual appearance – and how beautiful are these photos taken by Gavin Joyce!
This plant comes from the Western Cape where it blooms in late summer before the leaves sprout. The large bulb sends up a huge flower cluster up to 24 inches across resembling a red chandelier!
It forms a large bulb that can grow over 8 inches across. It usually makes 4 to 6 large, tongue-shaped leaves that lie flat along the ground.
The leaves grow throughout winter, and the bulb goes dormant for the summer. In late summer or early autumn, its dramatic flower stalk sprouts from the bare ground.
The cluster has from 20 to 80 scarlet blooms that face upward, which serve as a landing pad for birds. After flowering, the round cluster dries up, breaks off from the stalk, and rolls around in the wind like a tumbleweed, which spreads the seeds around.
The plant can reach blooming size at 6 to 8 years old.


“This extraordinary battle till death took place on my front lawn a while ago and although the quality it not great as I used a mobile phone to record, it still gives one an idea what happens in nature. These things happen so unexpectedly and can be over before you’ve blinked I didn’t have time to get a camera. Thanks for watching.” – Ballie Bizza (YouTube).
Watch until the end to see who won this battle – in Stilbaai.

(Video by ‘Ballie Bizza’ Brian Wheal)


5 August 2020 – The long weekend is here and although there will sadly be the traditional Galjoen Derby will NOT take place this weekend (for the first time in 29 years!) there will always be sunrises and sunsets.
Get up early to experience the beauty – like Nelia Schreuder did earlier this week.
If you are looking for something to do, please support Stilbaai’s local businesses, markets, shops, restaurants and coffee shops. You can also view and buy art from our talented local artists at the Stilbaai Tourism Bureau on Saturday morning (10:00 till 14:00) and stay to watch the feeding of the freshwater eels. The Country Shop will be open as well as the tea garden. Our Tourism Bureau is dependent on tourists and visitors and will really appreciate all the support.
The Burg Mark in the east (just after the bridge) will also be open from 8:30 until 13:00. Buy something pretty and stock up on delicious food stuff.
Remember that most shops are closed on Saturday afternoon as well as on Sunday and as Monday is a public holiday, many might be closed (or only open during the morning). SPAR and OK Foods also close at 13:00 on Sundays.
Enjoy the long weekend!

Vanoggend se wakkerword…

Posted by Nelia Schreuder on Saturday, 1 August 2020

(Video: Nelia Schreuder)