There are various scenic and safe hiking trails in and around Stilbaai.

Distance: About 8 kilometres long
Time to complete: 3 hours
The trail: It starts at the Jagersbosch Community Centre (S 34° 22’ 20.62” E 21° 24’ 24.01”) in Stilbaai West and winds along the rocky coastline.
It passes Morris Point and Kleinplaatjie along the way and affords hikers a view of the ancient Khoisan fist traps; the estuary; the harbour and a number of historic buildings including the Palinggat Homestead at the Information Centre where the tame, freshwater eels are fed daily at 11:00.
The trail is not marked, but the obvious route is easy to follow.
Permits: No permits required.

Distance: Between 5 to 12kms
Time to complete: 3 to 6 hours
The trail: The Geelkrans Trail is named after the yellow sand cliffs visible above the high water mark and is situated in the Geelkrans Nature Reserve to the east of Stilbaai. It starts close to the Preekstoel (Stilbaai East) – (S 34° 21’ 54.93” E 21° 27’ 17.26”) and meanders through coastal fynbos and rhenosterveld and returns via the coast. Although the trail is not that well marked, one can not really get lost if following the routes.
Permits: Permits can be obtained at the gate and are self-issued.

Distance: 11km
Time to complete: About 4 hours
The trail: It starts at Morris Point (Stilbaai) and takes hikers along the coast to Jongensfontein (or from the Jongensfontein caravan park – S 34° 25’ 34.12” E 21° 21’ 21.32” – to Stilbaai). Be prepared for some rocky sections and sand. It passes the Jongensgat cave on private Jongensgat Nature Reserve. Do during low tide and follow the obvious route with some markings. Take enough water and refreshments. Please do not litter.
Permits: No permits required.

Distance: 4 to 8kms
Time to complete: 1½ to 3 hours
The trail: This easy hiking trail is on the east side of Stilbaai in the Pauline Bohen Nature Reserve (signage on the way to Kloof Industrial area). Hikers can see the ocean and the coast, various fynbos species and the odd grysbok, duiker and bushbuck.
Permits: No permits required.

Distance: 8km
Time to complete: About 3 hours
The trail: The Lappiesbaai Trail is on the east side of Stilbaai and takes hikers from the Lappiesbaai main beach (S 34° 22’ 22.89” E 21° 25’ 45.34”) to the Preekstoel (the rock formation resembling a pulpit) and back. It is recommended to hike during low tide.
Permits: No permits required.

There are various hiking trails in the Skulpiesbaai Nature Reserve.
These short trails start from the whale look-out point behind the harbour; the parking areas at Morris Point and the fish traps (Skulpiesbaai). It is clearly marked with sign boards.
Elephant Bush Trail (Olifantbospad) – information and photos
Permits: No permits required.

Distance: About 3 to 6 kms
Time to complete: Between 1 and 2 hours
The trail: It starts at the Stilbaai Information Centre/Tourism (S 34° 22’ 19.26” E 21° 24’ 33.22”) or at the harbour or at the jetty and is mostly paved. It takes hikers on the western shore of the Goukou River between the harbour and the jetty.