How cool is this video posted by Hanlie Signorini !!
She loves Stilbaai’s outdoor gym / Bar Park “in the most beautiful unspoilt location in South Africa” …
The outdoor gym is located opposite the river mouth next to Waterkant Street in the western side of Stilbaai.
In Stilbaai, there are so many ways you can experience nature while exercising. Do some trail running, farm running, mountain biking, swim, surf, hike and much more!
Have a good weekend!
Repost from Hanlie Signorini – Bodyweight training is all about getting #fitterstronger whilst having fun! It’s a great way to test your true functional strength and body control.
Bar Parks are popping up everywhere. You know I LOVE outdoor workouts and was utterly thrilled to find this one in Stilbaai in the most beautiful unspoilt location here in South Africa 🇿🇦 #barparkworkout #functionaltraining #stilbaai

How cool is this video posted by Hanlie Signorini – she loves Stilbaai’s #OutdoorGym #BarPark “in the most beautiful unspoilt location in South Africa”In Stilbaai, you can experience nature while exercising – #trailrunning #farmrunning #mountainbiking #swimming #surfing #hikingHave a good weekend!.Repost from Hanlie Signorini – Bodyweight training is all about getting #fitterstronger whilst having fun! It's a great way to test your true functional strength and body control.Bar Parks are popping up everywhere. You know I LOVE outdoor workouts and was utterly thrilled to find this one in Stilbaai in the most beautiful unspoilt location here in South Africa 🇿🇦😁💙☀️ #barparkworkout #functionaltraining #stilbaai

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Art – from trash…
It is pretty and sad as it is from pieces of plastic found on Stilbaai’s beaches… 😥
We promote Clean Beaches and ask everyone to always do their bit to keep the beaches clean. Don’t litter and pick up what @curb_beachplastic visited Stilbaai and posted some ‘work’ from plastic collected at the beach.

Here are a few of their photos:



We share this photo for everyone who had a great holiday in Stilbaai and hope you visit again soon!
The Stilbaai harbour has changed over the years – and so has the VW Kombi! – but it is still a popular place to go – to go fishing or to look at the sunrise or sunset or to watch the boats coming in with their catch of the day or to have something to eat at the restaurant…
Follow us on Instagram to see more beautiful photos – this photo was taken by photographer Willem Immelman.



‘You are never too old to have fun’…
This photo of a cool surfer in action early in the new year in Stilbaai, was taken by photographer Bertus Preller.
Want to know where to surf when you’re in Stilbaai? Here are a few suggestions.
Make sure to visit the Surf Shack for all your surfing requirements and to book your surf lessons (Tel: 072 244 2165).



During the December holiday, there is usually something for everyone – if it is a windless morning, the beach is the place to be and when the wind picks up, the kite surfers and wind surfers are in there element.
Karen Meiring captured some of the kite surfing action at the river mouth.
Looking for ideas about what to do while in the Bay of the Sleeping Beauty?
Visit the Things to Do page for a few suggestions.




There are a few big events happening annually during the December holidays in Stilbaai, like Touchies that is now a tournament along the Cape coast after it originated in Stilbaai in 1978 and always takes place on the 26th of December. The most gruelling inflatable boat race in the world, the five-day Trans Agulhas Challenge, starts on 28 December in Plettenberg Bay and finishes in the Strand after competing teams overnight in Stilbaai on the 29th Dec. after the second leg of this race that is taking place for the 31st time this year.
Then there is Stilbaai’s very own NSRI 10km race annually organised by Nico Steenekamp, who spends his December holiday in Stilbaai and started organising this event 12 years ago. The event is always scheduled for the 31st of December to end off the year and start the new year on a trot.
This scenic 10km route takes runners and walkers from tarred roads to dirt roads to hiking trails through the most scenic parts of Stilbaai. Last year 1 073 participants finished it. The funds go to Stilbaai’s NSRI Station 31 that is an extremely important volunteer organisation in Stilbaai.
Participants can enter for the event the day before, on Sunday 30 Dec. between 17:00 and 19:00 at the NSRI at the harbour and from 5:30 on Monday morning before the event starts at 7:00. The entry fee is R50.

To see what else is happening in Stilbaai, visit the Events sections and have a look at Things To Do for suggestions on what else you can do.



We love this time of the year when visitors and holidaymakers enjoy taking photos of the beautiful Stilbaai – like this photo by Cobus Bester taken of the bridge over the Goukou River in Stilbaai.
This bridge took 17 months to complete and was opened in August 1955. According to an article in WEG Magazine, residents and visitors had to use a flat-bottomed boat for their goods between the east to the west before a ‘tiekieboot‘ was used (you had to pay a threepence to use it). This was then replaced in the early 1930’s by the ferry.
When the bridge was constructed, residents had to be convinced that the huge amount of money (£60 000) spent on the bridge with its double lanes, would be worth it. Nowadays one can’t imagine how life in Stilbaai would be without this important link between the east and the west.
Visit the Stilbaai Tourism Bereau at the Palinggat Homestead at the end of Langenhoven Street for more information and photos about Stilbaai from the early years.

Photo from WEG Magazine




Yes, the summer holiday is here and Stilbaai welcomes the holidaymakers and visitors.
With so much to do at the river, on the beach and at sea, we would just like everyone to be safe.
Keep the telephone number of the NSRI handy – the 24-hour number is 082 990 5978. Now, enjoy the kite-surfing (more information about kite-surfing lessons); find the best surfing spots; enjoy the Stand-Up Paddling, canoeing, kayaking (kayak rentals and adventures); pop in at the Surf Shack (between SPAR and OK Grocer) and wear sunscreen!
Find out about events and happenings HERE and download the Stilbaai App to get to the Tides and Weather charts quick and easy.



At last! It is December and that means – it is holiday time for many.
It has been quite a tough year from Stilbaai and the area as fires reeked havoc again and many farm lands and fields were lost while the area did not receive the amount of rain it needs. This means that it is currently very dry and the Hessequa Municipality put water restrictions in place.
To top it all, Eskom has started with a load shedding program and this not only influence all the households, but also the businesses, big and small.
Please also adhere to the rules for fireworks. NO fireworks are allowed in Hessequa. Residents and visitors will still remember what happened on the first day of the 2018 and by just looking at the area across from the municipal offices, will serve as a reminder…
We have put together some handy information regarding all these issues. Both the website and Facebook page of the Hessequa Municipality are quite up to date and helpful – visit it to find more information.

Please adhere to these water restrictions from 10 Dec. to 10 Jan. for the whole of the Hessequa region.

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Find the Eskom Load Shedding schedule for December HERE. This information is also available on the Stilbaai App (download it for free on your mobile device) and information will be shared on Facebook.
If you would want information about power outages in Stilbaai, send a WhatsApp to  (072) 444-7325 to be added to this WhatsApp group.

Herewith information regarding fireworks.

  • NO fireworks are allowed in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein
  • NO Chinese lanterns!

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Find all the important telephone numbers as well as emergency numbers HERE (listed under Businesses – Emergency Numbers). These numbers are quick and easy to dial through the Stilbaai App on your mobile phone.
Visit and Like / Follow them on Facebook – Hessequa Municipality – for more information.
Enjoy the festive season!





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